The lead singer of 70’s punk band “The Doctors Of Madness” is also a multi- talented writer, curator and actor. Known for his music globally, Richard ˜The Kid” Strange has also appeared in many blockbuster films including Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and Batman: The Movie.
Richard and the band have recently completed a successful UK tour, their first in 40 years.
Richard’s website has changed numerous times over the past 8 years. From our first creation way back in 2010, to the latest build, his website has undergone many transformations as technology and the internet has progressed.
The website has always maintained its Ecommerce functionality , allowing fans to purchase downloadable content including music dvds, clothing and tickets for the successful ˜Cabaret Futura” shows.


“What can I say about the team, absolutely wonderful, no job is too small and their patience with me is exemplary.”