Pay per click management.

Making your

goals a reality.

Pay per click management.

Making your goals a reality.

Creating your campaign

Firstly, we gather as much information about the business and understand your goals – what is your main aim? do you want to drive and increase website traffic, phone calls or store visits?

Next, we will identify your target audience. Google and Bing Ads allow us to target customers and zone in on the most relevant people by using a variety of parameters such as location, device, age, and gender.

The most important phase is keyword research and analysis – our PPC experts will find the right search terms and phrases for your product or service (these will be constantly monitored and tweaked throughout a campaign). This research is vital and will determine when and where your ads will show.

Driving traffic

Managing your PPC campaign.

Your campaign will be assigned a dedicated team of PPC experts, including an account manager who will overlook the campaign and be your point of contact.

Our team members all have a vast experience of operating successful campaigns with each personally trained by Google (we know our stuff!).

Breakdown of how we will get the most from your AdWords budget:

Driving traffic, delivering results

Being a certified Google Premier Partner, we are a PPC agency you can trust to deliver results and offer a great customer service.

We believe in 100% transparency on your budget – each month you will be sent a detailed report showing spending and returns on your investment. At the end of the month should there be any leftover budget in the pot it will roll over to the next month.