New Project: DOMUS Real Estate Group Ltd

We are pleased to announce a new, exciting project for DOMUS Real Estate Group Ltd.

Based in Leeds, the start-up business provide landlords with a revolutionary service. DOMUS Offer a new, better way for landlords to manage their properties, resulting in a better return on investment.

The overall design will be modern and sleek. The website will built with a responsive design, making it fully mobile & tablet friendly – a must have feature today!

The main focal point of the website is to provide information whilst capturing landlord details about the service they provide.

Well placed CTA (call to action) forms will engage landlords to submit their details to the DOMUS team and generate leads. Whilst well designed pages will allow visitors to read and digest information easily.

The developers are really looking forward to making the website, and with an end of July launch date, they better get there skates on!

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New project: HAMARA Community organistaion

We are delighted to be working on a wonderful project that helps bring the ethnic community of Leeds together.

Hamara have grown to be the largest ethnic minority organisation in the voluntary and community sector in Leeds.

Their current website has become outdated and requires a full re-design – a modern, clean design will be used to elevate the website and reflect on the great work that the HAMRA organisation brings to the Leeds community.

We will also integrate and develop their social media presence, allowing them to keep visitors up-to-date and create a buzz and trend around latest activities.

The website will feature an online booking system, allowing users to book events and a calendar schedule, displaying upcoming/daily activities.

It’s always extra special to be working on a local project within our community, the team can’t wait to get started!

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Swift Move website goes live

The team have had a wonderful time working on the Swift Move website.

Swift Move are an established property business in the UK – they offer a quick, hassle free sale of your house.

The property market is very competitive but we created a modern, eye-catching website that elevates the brand, making them stand out from the crowd.

As well as the normal responsive, bespoke and professionally built website, Swift Move required a ‘Post code Property Finder‘ – this feature allows users to quickly locate their property by entering their postcode. These results are sent to the Swift Move team, where they are able make an offer for the property.

The website also features a Live Chat facility, allowing the Swit Move team to engage with customers who are visiting the website in real-time.

We would like to wish Swift Move all the best with the website and business going forward!

View the website here – Swift Move Property

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New Project: Fast Box

Fast Box are a leading manufacturer of supplying quality cardboard boxes & products since 1997.

The family run business approached us in April about creating a new website to coincide with their exisiting Fast Box website – we were thrilled to be working on such a great project for a local family driven business, like ourselves.

The eCommerce website will allow users to purchase a wide range of boxes and cardboard supplies throughout the UK.

The overall design will be eye-catching, modern and fully optimised for mobile & tablet devices. A responsive design will be used, allowing users a rich and diverse experience when browsing the website on all devices – one site for every screen.

The website will be built with future development in mind (integration of a 3d box builder to be added at a later date).

Work has already begun on the project and we are aiming for an early/mid July launch date.

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Exciting New Project : Carden of Eden

We are thrilled to announce the development of a new, exciting project, Carden of Eden – a bespoke, classified ads website for the motor industry.

Project Brief:

The website will allow visitors to buy & sell race cars, rally cars, transporters, trailers & other motoring parts.

Visitors will be able to view listings online, quickly and efficiently, using a category based listing system. An advanced search system (complete with search filters) will also be included. The homepage will display latest and featured listings, allowing members to showcase their items for sale.

Buyers & Sellers will be required to signup to the website and become members – this will allow sellers to post adverts and buyers to contact the seller through the website.

A series of pricing plans (for example – standard, featured and premium) will be available for the members to choose from before submitting their listing online.

The website will cater for a worldwide audience, with sellers able to list items for sale all around the world.

The main purpose and focus of the website will be to create an online buy/sell community within the motor industry and generate membership sales.

The team can’t wait to get sink their teeth into this project! With a launch date of mid July, stay tuned for more updates.

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NOVA project complete

We are delighted to have finished work on the NOVA website.

NOVA are experts in growing businesses, enabling success, increasing employability and elevating talent.

Our team had full creative licence on the whole project, including online branding – which of course was fantastic!

The overall design is eye-catching, modern and fully optimised for mobile & tablet devices – allowing users a rich and diverse experience when browsing the website on all devices, one site for every screen.

The website boasts many features including multiple contact forms (to collect visitor info), Live Chat functionality and Blog to keep users up-to-date with the latest activity.

The project was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for the whole team, from start to finish, and we would like to wish NOVA every success for the future.

View the website here:

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Main reasons to have your website built professionally

Every business requires a website, but not every business owner is a designer and has the knowledge or how to, so building your own can be challenging.

Prior to making a purchasing decision online, consumers will often invest a lot of time and effort reviewing and evaluating companies, so if your website doesn’t make the grade and look professionally built, they will quickly move towards your competitors.

A website represents your business image and brand online and is viewed by a worldwide audience.

First impressions can be make or break, hiring a professional web developer mitigates any risk.


A web design team will review and evaluate your business – they will understand your business needs, unique selling points and research your competition.

Having a strong knowledge of each audience is crucial when building a website. Using a series of steps including current customer base, your competition and product analysis, a clear target audience and market will be defined.


Having a website built by professional web developers will showcase you in the best light, giving your business a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

They are experienced in knowing how to properly and effectively project your business model using font types, colours, graphics and other design techniques.


A good website should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. The website should be clean and easy to read, if the pages are too busy, people won’t stay around to browse.

Visitors to your site must be able to find information about you quickly and easily; a professional web developer will create a user interface that will give the impression that they have been on the website many times before.

The website must be mobile & tablet friendly – you simply cannot afford to have a non-responsive website, with most of us opting to browse using our handheld devices.

A responsive web design will be built, allowing users a rich and diverse experience when browsing the website on all devices – one site for every screen.

SEO Compliance

A professional web designer will build a website in accordance to the latest W3C standards and compliances.

They will understand the importance of designing your website to be search engine friendly (SEO – Search Engine Optimisation).

SEO takes time and requires a strong knowledge and understanding of the methods and strategies used. It’s an ongoing process that involves keywords and regular updating of content to keep it relevant and fresh.

A professional web development team will make sure your website is seen on all major search engines.

Website Maintenance
A website is never really complete. It requires on-going maintenance and kept up to date with content and current coding practices.

With the continuous risk of malware and viruses, Keeping your website safe and online 24/7 is essential for your business to flourish online.

Hiring a professional web development team will give you peace-of-mind, knowing that your business is safe and secure.



Having a website that stands out from the competition are key to having a successful online presence.

A professionally designed website will ensure confidence, elevating comfort levels of users looking to hire your services and purchase your products.

Don’t leave your professional image to chance, contact our exciting team today and they will build a highly functional and productive website to showcase your brand.

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Live Chat – Do I need it on my website?

So, what exactly is live chat?

Live Chat allows you to engage with customers who are visiting your website in real-time, answering questions and enquiries that they have. It’s a great way to interact with users and reduces the chance of losing a potential client and in turn improves your site bounce rate.

Features of an online chat

  • Receive alerts when a user enters the website
  • Track movements of visitors in real-time as they browse your website
  • Form statistics based upon purchasing trends
  • Stop visitors leaving your website without contacting you or making a purchase
  • Identify weak and strong areas of your website through page exit information.

Instant messaging is a better way for users and companies to communicate and can often save them time (not stuck in a telephone queue) and money without having to call 0845 numbers for support or customer services.

If you feel that your website would benefit from a live chat interaction or have any questions, please contact our expert team for a free consultation.

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Why do I need a responsive design website?

It’s 2019, so Yes would be a good starting (and ending) point to such a question!

The vast number of websites that are still not mobile & tablet friendly is quite staggering – you must have seen this yourself recently whilst using search engines to find a product or service and come across websites that simply do not work on handheld devices. It’s frustrating and shouldn’t be happening today.

So, what is a responsive design?
A Responsive Web Design basically means a website that will adapt to the size of a visitors screen (viewport). Content will render according to the device or screen size making sure the user has an optimal experience no matter how they access the website – the biggest benefit been that websites will load quicker and all content is automatically resized to fit the screen (no need for users to manually zoom and pinch the screen to read copy).

Although the concept has been around for a long time, developers began recognising it’s true potential and benefits during the mid/late 2000’s with the emergence and boom of smart mobile devices.

Interesting facts: was the first website to adapt its layout based on the width of the browser viewport way back in 2001.
-The term ‘responsive web design’ was coined in 2010 by web developer Ethan Marcotte in an essay he wrote in 2010.

What are the benefits of a Responsive Design website

Improved User Experience.
We all know that first impressions are very important, so making sure that your website not only looks good but performs to the highest level is a must. Visitors should be able to easily navigate and read content with ease – they must not have to zoom into content, shrinking and pinching their screens to browse.

An Increase in Mobile Traffic.
Owning a mobile/tablet device and browsing the web is the norm today. Therefore, it’s vitally important that your website renders properly on smaller screens making sure users don’t encounter distorted images and experience bad site layouts.

Faster Website Development.
Time is money. It takes considerably less time to create a responsive design website than making a stand-alone mobile application in addition to a standard desktop website design – a responsive design naturally costs less than the alternatives.

Easier Overall Maintenance (one site for every screen).
Having separate mobile and desktop websites requires additional testing and support whilst a responsive website uses a standardised

Improved SEO
Having a responsive website is as important to search engine optimistaion as quality and rich content – if your website is not mobile friendly then the website ranking will be punished.

Better Website Loading Times.
Studies show that mobile visitors tend to abandon webpages that take longer than three/five seconds to finish loading. In addition to this, websites that are not optimised for mobile & tablet devices, they will also take longer to navigate and frustrate visitors to a point of no return. A responsive website combined with modern performance techniques such as caching and responsive image display will ensure your visitors have quick loading speeds.

Lower Bounce Rates.
A responsive website will provide visitors with a much better user experience, especially on mobile devices – therefore making it much more likely that they will stay on the website longer and explore different areas of the website.

If your website is not mobile & tablet friendly, contact our talented team of developers and we will create a fully responsive design website that not only looks great, but also performs to the highest level.

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Help Choosing – Pension Advice SEO Campaign

Help Choosing are a team of expert pension advisors. Based in Leeds they offer a free no obligation advice across the whole of the north including Bradford, Barnsley, Pension advice Sheffield , York and Pension advice Manchester.

Contacting Help Choosing couldn’t be simpler – their FCA regulated, ICO registered advisors will arrange a convenient time to discuss your pension pot and give annuity advice that will help your pension go further.

Whether your looking for a guaranteed income, cash lump sum or flexible income their honest and helpful advisors will help you through all of the options available.

We will be working on an SEO campaign for Help Choosing, making sure they will be seen on all major search engines.

If you want your business seen on search engine results then contact our SEO team today.

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