Social media marketing.

Social, it’s

in our DNA.

Social media marketing.

Social, it’s

in our DNA

Engage with prospective customers.

Social Media platforms offer a golden opportunity to communicate and engage with existing and prospective customers, reaching bloggers who will review and shout about your brand on a world stage!

In a rapidly changing market, it can be hard to keep up or even know where to start! Rest assured, our social media team have the knowledge and experience needed to make the most of your profiles.

Breakdown of how we will get the most from your AdWords budget:


Managing your PPC campaign.

Build your audience.

An audit of your target audience will be performed, and this will be examined closely with all of your existing profiles.

This is an important stage of the process, allowing us to make sure the right channels are in place for the correct audience, making sure each profile is fully optimised.

Build your audience.

To make sure your brand is seen, we will strategically target users/profiles who will make a positive difference (including influencers) to follow and monitor.

Engage with influencers.

How great would it be to have your product mentioned by high profile stars of the internet (such as Kim Kardashian) these can obviously do wonders for your brand but come with a hefty price tag for a single mention!

There is another way. We have access to thousands of bloggers in all sectors (who don’t have celebrity status), but more importantly have large followings and bags of influence.

We will create close relationships with influencers in your sector, defining a tone of  voice that suits your brand’s style.

Supplying high profile bloggers with products to review, freebies or even competition  prizes will get people talking and create a buzz around your brand, spreading word  of mouth and generating referral traffic and sales.

Social posting.

We will post a variety of content on social media platforms. These posts will be a mixture of content already on your site and content that we will create to promote new products, offers and events.

Our team will use Episodic Content Marketing to build brand awareness and engage with your target audience.


Social advertising.

Social media advertising can elevate user engagement and website traffic to high levels.

Like a PPC campaign, social media advertising allows us to target users on a large scale using an array of parameters we can strategically place adverts on users’ feed, giving maximum exposure each time.

We can build social media campaigns that are designed to drive social engagement and advertise new products.

Each month you will be provided with a detailed report, highlighting how your social media profiles are having a positive effect on your business.

We believe in 100% transparency on your budget each month, you will be sent a detailed report showing spending and returns on your investment. At the end of the month should there be any leftover budget in the pot it will roll over to the next month.