Exciting New Project!

We are about to start work on a very exciting project indeed – All About The Door.

The new start-up business approached us asking for a website that will allow visitors to view and purchase a wide variety of handmade kitchen door samples via an online shop.

The team can’t wait to get stuck into developing this project as it is requires bespoke features such as a real-time ‘project builder’.

A ‘project builder’ feature will be created and implemented into the website allowing users to select the style, material and colourof the door (including other attributes). This feature will display the bespoke door image in 3D with a 360 degree viewpoint.

The website will be developed for all platforms with a strong focus on mobile & tablet devices, including an Ecommerce functionality, allowing visitors to purchase a range of product samples.

We are aiming for a mid-January launch so stay tuned for the completed website early next year.

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