Is you website DDA Compliant?

Your website may be excluding people.

It is important to consider DDA compliance when creating new websites (especially for those working in the public sector – a government regulation as of 2018).

Primarily, your website should be able to support all visitors. Our team will make sure your website will is fully accessible to disabled people (AA level compliance).

We will ensure disabled people are offered the same access to the website as able-bodied people by providing the following:

• Navigate the website without the use of sound.
• Resize text on the website so it is easily readable for the partially sighted.
• All imagery throughout the website (that provides website that have an informational purpose (rather than being purely decorative) will include an alternative description.
• Navigate the website without a mouse.
• Colour contrast (the website will be fully useable in greyscale/monochrome).

If you need help making your website DDA compliant email us at

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