Live Chat – Do I need it on my website?

So, what exactly is live chat?

Live Chat allows you to engage with customers who are visiting your website in real-time, answering questions and enquiries that they have. It’s a great way to interact with users and reduces the chance of losing a potential client and in turn improves your site bounce rate.

Features of an online chat

  • Receive alerts when a user enters the website
  • Track movements of visitors in real-time as they browse your website
  • Form statistics based upon purchasing trends
  • Stop visitors leaving your website without contacting you or making a purchase
  • Identify weak and strong areas of your website through page exit information.

Instant messaging is a better way for users and companies to communicate and can often save them time (not stuck in a telephone queue) and money without having to call 0845 numbers for support or customer services.

If you feel that your website would benefit from a live chat interaction or have any questions, please contact our expert team for a free consultation.

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