SIX Reasons Why SEO Matters for all businesses

An SEO Campaign (Search Engine Optimisation) is a powerful tool and must have for all start-up businesses – and with our monthly payment plans, theres no reason not to.

Below are the six main reasons why an SEO Campaign is a must for every business, especially a start-up.


Assists new businesses
For a startup business (and even exisiting small businesses) being visible online can be a daunting task – the pressure of obtaining new customers/clients online can quickly becoming overwhelming.

An SEO campaign can assist new businesses by having their website seen by hundreds and thousands of potential visitors each day/week.


Going mobile
There is no way of getting away from it, the internet is forever at our finger tips.

Google statistics from 2018 revealed that over 60% of all searches are made on a mobile device.

It is also extremely important that your website is responsive design (mobile & tablet friendly), as Google and all other major search engines will punish your website if it is not optimised.


An SEO Campaign can save you money
When compared to other traditional forms of advertising, an SEO campaign can often be much cheaper and more cost-effective way to show the world you are open for business.

Yes, it may take a little while longer in-order to produce quality results, but the rewards speak for themselves.

The ROI (return on investment) will far outweigh and reach further than what regular advertising would acheive, and at a fraction of the cost.


Localised customers
Another advantage of local SEO is that 4 out of 5 consumers are likely to make a purchase through these results.
Adding an exceptionally high conversion rate to your marketing strategies.

According to latest studies, it is estimated that approx. 75% of all mobile searches are localised – Google empowers this by firstly returning results to consumers within their local area.

In turn, this gives you great power and opportunity to target potential clients who are based within your geographical area – 4 out of 5 consumers are also likely to make a purchase through these results.


The competition
You will not be the only one with an on-going SEO campaign, your competitors will be competing for those high rankig positions too.

An well planned SEO campaign not only provides and secures organic traffic to your website but also maintains keyword positions for continued growth.


Client trust in your brand

Recent Google studies show that in general people trust content that is delivered through search engine results – nearly 80% will consider looking at reviews first of an item if available.

Staying on the high ranked positions not only gives you traffic, but consumer trust in your brand.


Armer Design have a dedicated team of SEO experts wh will firstly conduct a complete review of your websites unique selling and marketing propositions, and perform an SEO audit to assess your current online strengths and weaknesses.

Our team will develop an online strategy that will generate a constant on-going stream of new customers each month. We will optimise on-site content with keywords and key-phrases whilst providing rich and valuable content for users.

For more informtaion about our SEO campaigns click here or simply contact us today for a free consultation.

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