Time for a Spring clean – get a website redesign

Like fashion, your website will become outdated very quickly if not regularly updated and well maintained. A fresh new looking website can work wonders for your business, breathing new life and potentially increasing sales/clients.

Digital trends change quickly – what seemed cutting-edge and innovative a few months ago could already look boring and outdated today.

Main reasons for a website redesign

1. It looks outdated and tired.
There are many reasons businesses choose to redesign their website, the main been that the website has become old-looking and dated – you will not believe how many companies still have websites that look like they were done decades ago.

This can ultimately hurt your business with users most likely to choose your competitors who have nice-looking, easy-to-use and well designed websites, providing an assurance that the company is growing and up-to-date.

2. It is not optimised for mobile & tablet devices.
Rewind the clock several years and life was much easier for companies to maintain their desktop-only sites. Today users can visit your website in many differnt ways such as desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile devices.

If your website is not optimised for all devices then you will undoubtedly lose customers and sales – a responsive design is a must have feature today with most of us browsing websites whilst on the move.

3. Your website does not reflect your latest business and marketing strategy.
Many businesses change their business strategy or have launched new products and services that are not reflected online.

Your clients need to be able to see the current state of your business, and if your website is not reflecting this then it’s time for a redesign!

4. You don’t have the ability to update content.
Updating and adding new content regulary is very important and someting that can set you apart from your competition.

Content marketing plays a big role in the success of your business – this can be done through a variety of materials (text, videos, imagery, tutorials, services etc). A Content Management System (CMS) will allow you to easily update and add new content when necessary.

5. Website features are not working properly or bad links.
Although very important, design is not the only determining factor to consider when thinking about a website redesign. Good development is also crucial.

You may have a great looking website that doesn’t work or perform properly and as a result losing customers and clients.

It could be a shop cart system that does not work correctly or a booking system that is slow and not user-friendly – don’t wait months or even years before getting any website issues fixed.

Every website re-design includes the following as standard:

  • The website will be built using a popular CMS (Content Management System) allowing for easy updates of all content and imagery.
  • Professional, bespoke and modern eye-catching design.
  • Website Design & Build compliant to HTML5 and W3C standards.
  • Responsive design making the website fully mobile & tablet friendly.
  • Rotating Sliders and Banners.
  • A dynamic and easy-to-use navigational system will be implemented.
  • Choice of Stock Imagery.
  • Contact Forms (GDPR compliant) will be used to receive online messages via the website.
  • A FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) feature will provide answers to the most asked questions.
  • All major Social Media platforms will be implemented into the website including live streams.
  • A Blog/Latest News section with multiple categories and archive system. New articles/posts can be automatically displayed on social media accounts.
  • Privacy Policy including Cookie Consent banner.
  • Google Analytics will allow traffic and visitor stats to be analysed.
  • SSL security certificate.
  • Google Map integration.
  • SEO optimisation.

We recently completed a full website redesign for Outplacement First (formerly Apollo Outplacement) – before/after shots can be seen below.

If you would like to give your website a fresh look and full re-design then please contact our friendly team today for a Free Consultation and Quote.


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