Web Design in 2020

As 2019 draws to a close, what will 2020 bring to web design?

Our attention spans are fleeting. Modern website design needs to make an instant impact, focusing on minimalism, order, animation and boldness.

To improve user experience, unnecessary elements (such as too much text) will be removed. Navigation bars will be hidden and appear only when needed, removing any unnecessary distractions from the website – allowing browsing to be much more simplistic.

Bold, striking colours combined with loud typography will grab visitor attention from the get go!

Voice-capable interfaces will become more popular aiding busy audiences with faster and less effort browsing.

As connection speeds increase (both at home and our mobile networks), video headers and web animations will continue to flourish.

Armerdesign are very excited for the New Year and our team are ready to modernise your business online!

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New Year, New Website!

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